About EzyAid

Jess Hay & Matty

Adam Geostis

Hi, we’re Jess Hay and Adam Geostis, the founders of EzyAid. Our son, Matthew, was born in 2012 with MED-13L Syndrome, an extremely rare condition that leads to a cleft palate, a recessed jaw and tongue, and breathing and feeding difficulties.

Requiring resuscitation at birth, Matty spent the first seven weeks of his life in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Tube fed until his second birthday, Matty was fed first through an NG tube then via a gastrostomy tube inserted into his belly.

Tube feeding was Matthew’s only option for nutrition due to the high risk of an acute aspiration event. This could have progressed into pneumonitis and possibly respiratory failure. However, tube feeding wasn’t easy (for him or for us).

How our son’s feeding journey inspired EzyAid

While tube feeding saved our son’s life, we encountered many challenges along the way. Tube changes were traumatic – whenever he had a snotty nose or had a bath, the tube dressing would get wet, lose adhesion and irritate his skin, necessitating another change.

Like all babies, Matty also had a tendency to play with his dressing and sometimes even pull out his tube. Over time, he developed a feeding aversion as he associated food with the discomfort and emotional distress of having hands in his face for tube changes.

Frustrated by the lack of options to secure his tube and minimise his distress, we decided to invent a new medical device. One that could meet the needs of family life, reduce the need for tube changes and minimise trauma and oral aversion.

That’s how our son’s feeding journey inspired the development of EzyAid.

How EzyAid helps others like Matty

  • Less invasive application reduces the risk of feeding aversion.
  • Specially designed material requires less tube changes.
  • Simplified application means only one person is required for tube changes.
  • Pre-cut dressings cut waste to zero and save precious time.
  • Waterproof dressing withstands bathing,swimming and runny noses.

Our Vision

To improve health outcomes and enhance the quality of life of tube-fed people around the world by making tube changes faster, less traumatic and more comfortable.

Our Mission

Help patients, families and healthcare professionals access an all-in-one medical device to secure feeding tubes and minimise unnecessary tube changes.

Help us make a difference

Millions of people around the world rely on an NG or OG tube for sustenance. We want to make tube feeding easier for everyone, but to do that, we need your help.

EzyAid needs to be funded to reach the people who need it most. Our goal is to turn our idea into a sustainable enterprise so EzyAid can be made available to everyone who needs it.

Your donation will help us finish the design and production setup, register EzyAid as a medical device, run a trial and obtain approval from the Therapeutic Goods Association.

Without your help, we won’t be able to transform the lives of millions of people around the world. Are you ready to help us make a difference?




Supporting a loved one relying on a feeding tube? We’d love to help. Get in touch to find out when EzyAid will be available for order in your country.


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