The EzyAid device incorporates a simple and practical design which alleviates the need for the use of adhesive sport tape to hold a feeding tube to a patient’s face.

This current method for fixing feeding tubes is labour intensive, wasteful, uncomfortable, stressful and leaves the patient with a rash on their face. EzyAid maximises durability, efficiency and ease of application, especially in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

EzyAid can also be used on premature babies, children with cleft palate, cancer patients, patients with cardiovascular disease, and patients with feeding issues associated with stroke, anorexia, dementia, diabetics, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Our product will dramatically benefit the Hunter Region Health Services, NSW Health System, Australia and the World. The benefits of EzyAid are:

  • All in one design as opposed to the current method which requires sports adhesives
  • Will reduce oral aversion in children because of a reduced number of applications required compared to traditional tape applications (e.g. with feeding issues etc.)
  • Less time consuming for hospital staff as only one person needs to apply the tape compared to two as per the existing process
  • Harder for the tube to be pulled out by the infant
  • Cost efficient for hospitals as less waste from left over contaminated tapes and scissors currently used to attach the tube to the face
  • Easier to use as it comes in a Band-Aid like package
  • Creates less stress for the patient, parents and health professional given the ease of application
  • More comfortable due to the materials used and the design of the product which contours to the face

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